The Swing Thing

As technodaters, Nathan and I were introduced to each other through an online dating service. We got connected just as he was on his way to his yearly Seattle vacation, but that didn’t stop us from chatting all day every day. Intrigued by the mystery, we had both determined that we were ready for something new, we were ready for something special. When he returned home, he couldn’t wait to take me out.

He suggested we do something pretty standard but

I wanted to take a different approach:

Nathan: Let’s do dinner and drinks.

Michelle: I’ve got a better idea. Meet me here: 2505 Lake Woodlands Dr, The Woodlands, TX 77380

Instantly he knew it was North Shore Park- I later found out that growing up he’d spent quite a bit of time there.

I got there before him (I’m sure he wishes that were still the case!) and went straight to the one place that makes my heart flutter. He texted once he arrived:

Nathan: I’m here. Look for the white Mercedes.

Nathan: JK, I’m in the white Silverado.

Michelle: Well, I’m on the swings. What are you waiting for?

I still remember what we both wore.

He purposely mismatched to “test” me. I chose a cute yet casual outfit: high waisted teal shorts with a fitted floral shirt and tan leather baby doll flats.

As the evening went on we shared memories, laughs, and found we knew several of the same people. Since he originally suggested dinner and drinks, I felt it was appropriate to offer him the “drinks” I’d brought for us (bottles of water). Later as we walked through the park, we shared a couple of beers he had never tried before.

As the sun set, he offered to take me to his largest lighting job he’d ever worked on. It was this massive house in Carlton Woods- a neighborhood I’d never been to before. The house was exquisite… marble floors outside on their patio, fountains in the back yard, pillars in the shape of a lion. It was so much to be exposed to in one night: the big nice truck, the mansion, and a few other things mentioned by him- I was overwhelmed. I began to wonder if we’d be the right fit. We just seemed so opposite.

At the end of our date, he dropped me off and I thanked him for a lovely evening. Knowing that he had a daughter, I knew that if we were going to pursue this, I would be in her life too. I wanted to be honest with myself and honest with him before we went any further. I let him know that I wasn’t sure he had the right idea about me and what I valued. I was thankful to get a better idea of who he was and to have a good night.

Not even two minutes

after getting into my car, he asked me to text him when I’d gotten home safely. I was living with my sister and brother-in-law at the time, so as soon as I got there I sent him a picture of the gate to indicate that I was home.

Not put off in the slightest by what I said as our date ended, he proceded to text me, yearning to know more about this creature he had just spent the last few hours with. He said he found me wonderfully interesting. Although I was initially apprehensive, he eventually talked me into a second date.

Two days later he was back at North Shore Park helping out his dad’s friend and he sent me this photo. Along with it he said:

Nathan: Just think, if everything works out, one day this will be a very special place for us.

He was right.

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