How We Did It


It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro backpacker, a seasoned business traveler, an OCD planner with a predetermined itinerary down to the millisecond….or all of the above. The reality is, keeping your baggage in check for a 10 day road trip to Iceland during the shoulder season is difficult. Adding your bridal attire is even more difficult.

We had to pack for fishing, caving, golfing, AND bridals ON TOP of normal everyday wear – all the while keeping our baggage count low yet manageable for a road trip.

We had a somewhat pre-planned itinerary, so I tried to organize our clothes by the day and kept everyday layering items separate. I put several bags within bags and packed some disposable items (since Iceland is SO expensive) so we would have enough room in our bags for anything we bought to take home. Although we were on our honeymoon, I still looked to save money in any area. Keeping luggage tight would allow a smaller rental car, less time spent tracking down items before we left each place, and avoided excess baggage fees. That being said, I opted for us to have an extra bag dedicated to our bridal attire. I only packed the essentials for this:

  • Ball gown
  • Dress cover and Hanger
  • Tux (suit, shirt, bowtie)
  • Tux Cover and Hanger
  • Groom’s Shoes

Since my dress covered my feet anyway, I left my shoes at home. I realized a little too late that I should have brought Nate’s cufflinks, but we improvised with safety pins. Word to the wise: Bring the cuff-links.


Once we got our rental we pulled my gown and his tux along with the covers of each from the extra bag and hung them in the car. We then used that suitcase to hold everyday emergency items. I will say, a better use of the suitcase would have been to pack overnight items each day. No need to get into that here, this post is about HOW WE DID IT, not what we wished we’d done differently. More on the lessons learned from our trip HERE.


You may have seen this if you’ve researched what to expect from a road trip in Iceland

Taking the photos:

 We paid for an extra bag solely for the

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