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Every Little Girl Deserves Her Fairytale

Free Your Fancy: Our First Time

I have always loved other people's children and been comfortable with kids, but

becoming a step-mom is one of the most rewarding changes I've had in my life.

We respect each other, we grow together, we have girl time, we have inside jokes, we have adventures, we look out for each other, and most importantly we have so much love for each other. She has driven me to be creative in a whole new way and do things I would have never thought of doing. Things that create memories we will hold onto for our entire lives.

One of the best memories of my life is the time we all dressed up to see Cinderella in theaters. We had been looking forward to Cinderella's release since we had seen the first trailer.  As we got closer to the release we started planning the big event. We decided absolutely must dress up as Disney Princesses for the big night. She was to be the blonde goddess and I would dress as the infamous Belle. Daddy even chimed in and encouraged us, although, he never expected we would actually go through with it. Two weeks later I went shopping for her dress (I had an old one from homecoming I'd be using). I bought her dress and matching shoes at Target, but also found an even cuter and cheaper one at Amazon here. She tried it on and I felt my heart stop for a second, she looked perfect! Nate began to realize this was going to happen and started to look a little pale. He told me to keep the receipt.

The next time we had Reese, it was the weekend of Cinderella! Nate brought Reese up to my work and I gave them a tour, introducing her to everyone. Little did he know I'd already told all of my co-workers about our plans. They were so excited for us and made sure to tell Reese how lucky she was to have a Daddy who loved her enough to dress up for the movies.

She's already found her prince charming and she calls him Daddy <3

He hated me for it. 

We spent our entire Saturday morning getting ready for the movie and playing at my parent's house. Nate did make side comments here and there. He even tried to put on jeans, but Ms. Reese wasn't having it! With Reese, it is impossible to tell her no to something like this. He eventually sucked it up, dressed up, and grumbled the whole way to the theater.

As we walked up to the box office, we hear a shrill, "OMG!! Is this for real?!" We look around, look back at the attendant and realize she's talking about us. Nate grumbles to me, assuming she's making fun of how we're dressed. I let her know we need two adults and one child for Cinderella. She responds with that same shrill voice,

"I love that you guys did this! Y'all have made my week."

I gave Nate his ticket and an 'I knew it!' look.

Walking into the lobby with my head held high and holding a very confident Princess Reese's hand, we were greeted by every attendant with extra-large smiles. It was as if the entire building was consumed in the same joy we felt as we walked down our imaginary red carpet. When we got to our theater, the usher greeted us, acknowledging Reese as "Cinderella".

I don't think I'd ever seen her smile so big.

We sat down, I looked over at Nate, and with the kindest eyes he softly whispers, "Thank you".

It was in that moment I realized how special my differences were for our relationship.

I see a lot of people dress up for Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and other blockbuster premieres. Have you ever tried this? Was it a premiere or a later showing? Let me know about your experience and share your memories in the comments below OR let's talk about it in the BRAND NEW Facebook Group!

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